Scent Melts

Scent Melts

M Stahl Creations

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Soy Scent Melt are so easy to use! Simply place a piece on a wax burner and enjoy the lovely scent in your home. Available in all of our popular scents. Each package contains 3oz. Scented with phthalate and paraben free fragrance oil.


  • Vancouver Fog (Bergamot, Vanilla + Cream)
  • Hold My Bellini (Fresh Peaches + Sparkling Wine)
  • Margarita (Lime, Tequila, + Salt)
  • Chill Out (Lavender)
  • Tranquility (Eucalyptus + Peppermint)
  • Angel Cake (Vanilla, Cloves, + Sugar) 

Please follow the manufacturer’s recommended safety guidelines for your wax burner. Enjoy your Scent Melts! 

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